Bleeding gums

Bleeding gums is a common problem why people seek a dentist. It is the first sign of the gums inflammation – gingivitis. Gingivitis is caused by bacteria living in the mouth, which build up at insufficiently treated sites, create the plug what irritates the gums and gums become inflamed.

Gums may not often be very swollen and sore, in this case we talk about chronic phase. Thorough removal of plaque with a toothbrush in a few days, your gums can return to its original condition. An appropriate supplement of treatment are also washings with disinfecting solutions, anti-inflammatory gels and pastes.

The cause can be even a dental stone what is necessary to remove. (see Dental hygiene)

Untreated inflammation can go through a period of time to more serious irreversible condition - periodontitis. (see Periodontitis)

In remaining problems with bleeding gums you should see your dentist and sometimes is necessary the consultation with other specialists too (GP, haematologist) because it can be any other serious disease (immune, hematologic).

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