Dental hygiene

Unfortunately is professionally made dental hygiene often undervalued. Many patients access to treatment by a dental hygienist with suspicion: "I´ve cleaned my teeth honestly, so why should I deal with a professional dental hygiene?"

Only a professional cleaning by our hygienist will persuate you, that no matter how you try at home, you don´t have a chance to treat or clean your teeth, as it does the professional in our dental practice.

An experienced hygienist can diagnose early signs of periodontal diseases even on a single tooth. Also this fact suggests that regular dental hygiene in dental practice has an extremely significant importance.
In our Dental Office we recommend to our patients undergo the dental hygiene one or two times a year.

Hygiene treatment

Removing of plaque

Plaque is composed of bacteria that cause tooth decay (cavity/caries). If the coating is poorly or improperly removes bacteria immediately starting to multiply in a short time. They are stored in layers, and so can be "entrench" against ordinary simple removing. Therefore is professional dental hygiene so necessary.

Removing of tartar

Deposits of tartar don´t belong to your teeth. Tartar is created naturally in everyone´s mouth. Dental plaque full of unwanted bacteria is changed into minerals and deposites in the form of tartar. Then it causes inflammation of the gums, bleeding and threatened deep periodontal inflammation.

Dental sanding

Especially smokers, strong coffee and tea lovers, but also the others can get colored enamel. Sanding, as the part of the professional dental hygiene, is the application of a strong stream of sand powder with water onto dark colored spots. This way we can easily remove dark colored spot from your teeth.


This is the final, and my favourite part of the dental cleaning for many patients. Perfectly cleaned teeth best intake the firming and nourishing care. Onto clean teeth without coatings, stone, stains or other contaminants is applied the fluoride varnish, which fills the enamel with fluoride components in a few seconds. After that will be enamel impregnated and enhanced.

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