Dentist and children patient

When do you visit your Dentist, do you take your child with you? We recommend that.

Our aim is the prevention of the caries in adults and in children. Therefore we trust in education and guidance of parents before children first visit the dentist. Parents can help to their children to prevent the excessive fear from dentist by taking them to the dentist office when the parent is a patient. It is also necessary to take children to dentist for dental check-up even they don´t have any caries or other problems with their teeth.

We start with painless The child finds out that the visit of dentist isn´t any nuisance, check-up is painless and sometimes it can be an interesting experience. As sooner your child gets used to the dental practice environment, staff, and get the habit that dental treatment is something natural and obvious, as better.

The proper care about milk teeth is essential since early childhood. Therefore it´s very important the attitude of parents. An active interest in your child's teeth, a positive approach to prevention and public education is the first step to have your child in the future healthy and strong teeth.

Save our children from traumatic experiences, bad feelings and painful memories. This will prevent next problems and overcoming the fear of visits to the dentist

When to make an X-ray in children

In pediatric patients dental images are necessary:

  • to assess areas that are not visible to the naked eye such as underneath gums and right between teeth
  • in case of injury to assess the condition of the injured tooth root and the anticipation of its possible rupture
  • OPG (panoramic) images to determine the status of unerupted teeth (establishment or other anomalies future - permanent teeth)
  • as a base for dental specialists to analyze and propose solutions by Jaw - orthopedic treatment.

Cleaning the teeth in children - what to look out for

Did you know that:

Infectious diseases (for example, dental caries and periodontitis) may caused by bacteria which can be transported by:

  • from one toothbrush to another in the same container
  • licking pacifier or spoon etc.

The later the baby's mouth comes into contact with bacteria “of adults”, the less chance that these diseases occur.

During the sleeping bacteria in plaque multiply 30 times. Therefore it is necessary to get your grown children good habits of dental hygiene.

When your child visits our office for the first time a dental hygienist checks how can he/she clean his teeth with his/her own devices (tooth brush, dental floss...). The dental hygienist will instruct and show him/ her the proper way of cleaning teeth, which together trained.

There is nothing embarrassing this training is more like the game.

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