Periodontal care

Gingivitis and periodontitis

Gingivitis and periodontitis are the most common diseases of the oral cavity. Unfortunately as not much attention is given to them as they deserve. They are to our health the hidden danger! Symptoms are often poorly noticeable, or even they occur are considered as common or normal. It is reported that 80 to 90% of the adult population suffer from one of these diseases. Gingivitis and periodontal disease are caused by bacteria of infectious origin, which are found in the oral cavity. There is a mistaken notion in the society that the development of these diseases plays heredity a big role.

This is not true. The term "inherit" in this case is associated with earlier "inherited" hygiene habits, attitudes to dental care, as well as infection with the bacteria within the family or from partners. So it confirms again that the destiny of our teeth have mostly in our own hands.


Gingivitis is an inflammation of the gums. It occurs most frequently in the chronic form, when usually the only symptom is bleeding gums when brushing teeth. Bacteria in the mouth are stored on the teeth, fillings, crowns or dentures, where create plaque. Waste products of its existence excrete in the mouth and if they get close to the gum, respond with inflammation. This will increase blood circulation in the gum, it becomes red, swollen, sometimes can even hurt. Present sulfide causes halitosis. If the bacterial plaque isn´t removed, minerals from saliva, food, drinks start to store there and the tartar (dental stone) is formed. Tartar irritates gums by its rough surface and allows better storage of plaque.

Treatment of gingivitis is not difficult, and what is important, gingivitis is fully reversible condition. That means, inflammation can be totally cured. If we get rid of all the triggering factors, in this case, coatings and tartar, the gums will be healthy again.

In our dental practice at each entry and follow-up examination, we find the conditions of your gums. If inflammation is present, coatings, stone, we recommend to make the professional oral hygiene with following instruction how to use properly dental appliances (from ordinary toothbrush, through single toothbrush, interdental brushes, dental floss or a dental superflos shower).


Periodontal (a word derived from the Greek "para Odontia" - around the tooth) identifies tissue, which main role is to strengthen the teeth in the jaws, therefore it´s often called the hanging apparatus or supportive tooth tissue.

Periodontitis (frequently used term is also parodontopatia) is annoying chronic inflammatory periodontal disease. It mostly starts on the base of untreated gingivitis. Essential difference between an ordinary gingivitis and periodontitis is that in periodontitis come to destruction, loss of supporting apparatus - fibers and bones, and this loss can´t be reversible, it´s possible only stop this process. Therefore is there a threat of loss of teeth even the healthy ones. Periodontitis has also very slight symptoms, patients often have no idea that something is happening in their mouth.

Apart from the mentioned bleeding gums and halitosis we can see the detection necks and gum recession, which is in fact expose the tooth roots due to bone loss, occurrence of periodontal pockets, swinging or wandering teeth and in extreme cases, loss of teeth. There are also frequently acute symptoms associated with swelling, pain and leakage pus (purulence) from the affected area.

Danger of periodontitis is not only local, except of teeth disability teeth, the disease also affects the health in general. The bacteria that cause periodontal disease are very aggressive, they can harm the tissue around the teeth and penetrate into the bloodstream. They excrete in the body of waste and toxic products and stimulate the immune system to create a variety of substances that damage the inner lining of blood vessels.

By this way can raise formation of thrombi and atheromas that cause atherosclerosis often can result in serious health problems such as heart attack or stroke. In diabetes may trigger eye problems and so-called diabetic foot, in pregnant women increase a risk of miscarriage (in the best case occurs only low birth weight), with weakened immunity can be present pulmonary infections.

Treatment of periodontitis is much more difficult than gingivitis. With the currently available means we are able to stop periodontitis. Important is the early diagnosis, complete health condition, lifestyle, habits, age and of course the willingness of the patient to cooperate.

In our dental practice at entry and follow-up examination find with using periodontal probe the presence of periodontal pockets and we evaluate this condition also with the the X-ray. If positive, the patient goes to the so-called. periodontal mode. That means detail detection of presence and deep of pockets (how much has bone retreated), deep handmade cleaning of pockets with special tools called curettes (called curettage), smoothing the roots using a special device VECTOR, flushing follicles disinfectant solution and then injected ozone into the affected areas. Ozone is a strong antiseptic and highly toxic for bacteria which cause periodontitis.

After cleaning and disinfection, is following the wrap with gel containing chlorhexidine, also laser support of treating is available. We support the local therapy with antibiotics. The precise combination of targeted antibiotic therapy is determine according to results from the lab tests. Sampling bacteria from the follicles, which are sent to a laboratory, where DNA-based analysis detects bacterial composition and determine the precise combination of targeted antibiotic therapy. We mustn´t forget the importance of home care and regular check-ups, where we examine how the disease develops.

Periodontal surgery

Dr. Zeman dental office is dealing with this type of treatment based on its specialization. We provide invasive solutions, reconstruction of periodontal defects, various preventive - therapeutic operations gums and mucous membranes of the oral cavity. Although this treatment is demanding, it´s more effective than conservative treatment of periodontal diseases.

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