Sensitive necks, sensitive teeth

Sensitive necks / teeth are usually one of the most frequent cause of visit dental office. Sensitivity can be caused by several factors. Necks are often sensitive due to wrong implementation of dental hygiene, using too hard toothbrush or making too big strong pressure with the toothbrush. All this causes mechanical damage to the teeth. This is literally a "frayed" at the enamel gum, where it is layer the thinnest and thus more vulnerable. As a result, pain can come to different stimuli - heat, cold, sweet, salty, but also mechanical - contact of toothbrush. Treatment is often problematic. It is necessary to adjust health habits, in which can help with dental hygiene instruction. After checking the patient's health habits, the dental hygienist can recommend a soft toothbrush, check the pressure for cleaning and recommend the proper cleaning techniques. (see Dental hygiene)

Sensitive neck can be treated with impregnating solutions, gels, pastes. In home care, the patient may use a toothpaste for sensitive necks. Choice and composition is really varied. If, neck of tooth remains still sore after such treatment, another option is to treat it with filling. The defect is covered with photocomposit filling, but less frequent option is to overlay the tooth crown. If the uncovered necks look no pretty, there is possible surgically shift of gum "Periodontal Flap Surgery". In extreme cases, especially with large wedge defect arises by mechanical damage, it is necessary to devitalized the tooth, that means nerve from the tooth must be removed (see Root Canal Treatment)

The cause of sensitive necks / teeth may be a chemical damages. Citrus fruits, apples, fruit juices, cola drinks contain acids which eat away the surface of teeth. The weakening of the enamel is starting and the teeth respond with the pain. Important is the time that these foods affect the teeth. The worst is when we "messing around" them in the mouth, acid contained in these food then have enough time to etch and damage the enamel.

It is necessary to know that after eating such food is not good to just wash your teeth. Enamel is weakened and mechanical action of brush can cause more damage. It is good to wait or, if possible, rinse your mouth with mouthwash or eventually ordinary water, the concentration is diluted and so the effect of acids is also smaller. Similar problems may have pregnant women, who often vomit, or people suffering from bulimia.

Another reason of sensitive necks can be periodontitis. During periodontitis a bone retreats, with the bone retreats often the gum and so the neck becomes exposed. Sometimes is exposed aslo the root of the tooth. They are not protected by enamel on the surface and so they can painfully respond to thermal, mechanical and chemical stimuli. Treatment in these cases is usually similar to the previous cases, but teeth must be more often devitalized (nerves are pulling out from them) and subsequently treated and covered with crowns, because in these cases an ordinary hygiene tends to be very painful. In these patients must be dental hygiene really rigorous, because their condition can get even worse. (see Dental hygiene)

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