It is a common viral disease. Before the herpes occurs comes itching, tightness and pain at the site where it appears. A slight redness is often there at the same time. After that there appears a group of small blisters with a yellow liquid that burst on the surface and make the scab.

For the first time, we usually encounter with the herpes virus in childhood. Primary infection can be performed inconspicuously without symptoms. In other cases can appear common herpes or herpes which causes the severe condition. There can appear herpes outbreaks in and around the mouth, high temperature, increasing salivation, loss of appetite, problems when swallowing. This condition is often mistaken with the foot and the child may end up in the hospital.

Herpes virus after the initial infection remains latent in nerve cells and in certain conditions may be activated. The most frequently are lower immunity in acute infections, long-term stress, menstruation, sunbathing etc. It appears as a typical blistering around the mouth or nose or also
in the mouth like a sore erosion mostly on the palate.

Treatment is usually symptomatic, that means the alleviation of symptoms. Erosions in the mouth are painted by anesthetic gels, especially before eating, mouth washings also help. In the more serious conditions helps liquid food, non-irritated food, sufficient hydration (especially in children). Ozontherapy and effect of biostimulation lasers are also helpful by the healing process.

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