Mini Dental Implants

Because of any reason you´ve decided for removable dentures, but it doesn´t hold perfectly, falls down or causes any other problems?

When the dentures doesn´t hold perfectly it is a big problem of everyday life. People can´t eat properly, bad chewed food can cause many health problems (stomach problems, ulcers, problems with pancreas and complete digestion) and even mention the embarrassing scenes with a low holding prosthesis...

The perfect, quick, elegant and less expensive solution for you is called – MINI IMPLANTS.

In local anesthesia are the mini implants inoperated (screwed) into the jaw. Denture is adjusted by inserting a counterpart to the implant and held.

Mini implants can be loaded immediately after the onset of the denture, that means you can easily chew after an hour. So we can skip the difficult time-consuming surgery and also weeks or months lasting healing of the gums and jaw which are ordinary by the the classical implant.

In the most people the lower total denture doesn´t hold properly. The reasons and extent of problems can be different. Using mini implants can be the replacement fixed, people can eat almost anything with it and that´s for them something like the return to normal!

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