The ideal situation is when we are able to set the missing tooth (teeth), by the optimal functional and aesthetic principles, to human chewing system.

The normal situation is when we can create a full crown with optimal load on its own root.

That means, when tooth is missing, the best replica is root – implant + crown – high-quality ceramic. According to the rule, each tooth deserves its own root - implant. All other solutions are only compromises we are forced to do from the spatial, financial and other reasons. For example 3 to 4 teeth carried by two roots - implants and their multiples. The compromise solution are dentures that most people reject, despite of an easy hygienic care and affordability.

In the case that, residual teeth consist of a carious and fillings teeth an appropriate solution is the standard bridges (of high-quality ceramic material) reasonably incorporated into the chewing system.

Why current dentistry prefers ceramics so much? They are almost non-porous and so are more resistant to bacteria build-up in plaque. Because of that are they more hygienic and highly aesthetic as well.

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